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ABA English Course  1.0

Complex and effective system to quickly and easily learn English
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ABA English is a complex and effective system to quickly and easily learn English.
ABA English makes learning English a simple job also by using teachers which are college graduates and native English speakers either form England or the United Sates (You can choose). And most importantly they are good caring people.

ABA English's methodology is based on Real Life Learning System designed to help you learn English through everyday situations of real life in the United States and England that introduce the different topics of all the lessons.

Intonation technology, the latest evolution in voice recognition technology, has been incorporated in all the ABA English courses. This technology allows you to record your own voice and compare it at the very same moment with native voice so that you can speak English better and better every time.

All lessons are divided into 8 sections. Each of these sections has a specific aim: revising the content, dictation, role-play, written exercises, grammar, vocabulary and speaking and they are all based on the real life animated situations.

All of the English courses from ABA English include the following set of learning supplements: an English dictionary, an English grammar reference guide, a mini English grammar course, a complete index of the course and student progress follow-up tool.

ABA English - a truly great way to learn English. Smart, reliable and comprehensive.

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